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Fundraising Coordinator:  Brooke McNutt

Contact Info:  (412) 716-0842

Venmo:  @PghPoison-Fundraising

Fundraising updates are posted below!

How to Use Fundraising -  Payments are due by the 1st of each month.  Brooke will send fundraising statements around the 20th - 25th of each month.   That statement is the only fundraising available for the payment due on the first of the subsequent month.

When using fundraising, please let Sonny know an exact amount you'd like to use.  Brooke maintains the fundraising balance separately so when you're making payments, Sonny isn't necessarily aware of what you have available.

After all payments are processed through fundraising, Brooke sends Sonny a summary and they balance to make sure both sides are in agreement.

There are often delays in the timing of when fundraising is available.  Because Pittsburgh Poison is a small business, we are very dependent on cash flow.  Aramark for example pays within approximately 4 weeks from the date you worked.  Therefore, hypothetically, if you worked a game on the 15th of a month, it will not be available until the following month's statement.  The lottery fundraiser is another good example.  Although tickets were sold throughout the month of June, checks weren't deposited until 7/2. There's a 3-day hold on all of our deposits.  So, these funds are not yet available and will show up on next month's statement.

General Fundraising Rules - Please review the following rules that are applicable to all fundraisers.  This will help all of the fundraisers run smoothly and hopefully eliminate any confusion.

Payments - are to either be in cash or a single check made payable to Pittsburgh Poison.  We do not accept checks from people outside the organization.  If someone wants to pay with a check, please have them make it payable to you.

Deadlines - are given for each fundraiser with a date and time.  Please take note of them.  I am in the gym a lot as my girls are on both older and younger teams and do both cheer and dance, but I do not have a key to the gym and live 20 minutes away, so can't pick up late orders.

Fundraising Credit - is not available immediately.  Statements are provided monthly.  When the funds are available, you will see it on your statement.  The funds are typically available within 10 days of delivery.  Aramark payments are typically applied within 4 weeks of the event worked.  Lottery funds are typically available within 10 days AFTER the conclusion of the lottery.

Order Forms - can be placed with payment in the white fundraising box.  I have the only key to that box.  If you're paying with cash and would like a receipt, please ask the front desk worker BEFORE placing it in the box.

Notifications - are sent via email and listed on the website (see below).

Questions - are always welcomed.  Please just send Brooke an email.  I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Hoagies – We will be selling hoagies from Peppi’s in the Strip District.  Peppi’s offers Italian (hard salami, capicola & soft salami), turkey, ham or vegetarian (provolone cheese only).  All types are served on a 10” Mancini’s roll, come with provolone cheese as well as lettuce, tomato and Italian dressing on the side.  We are selling the hoagies for $7 each and profit is $2.75 per hoagie.  Click here for the order form in pdf or excel.  All orders need to be emailed to me (totals of each type only) by noon on Tuesday, July 27, 2021.  I will send a confirmation email upon receipt.  Please make a single payment to Pittsburgh Poison and drop it in the fundraising box the evening of July 27th or via Venmo (@PghPoison-Fundraising).  I have to place the order that day.  Delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, August 3rd around 6P since all athletes should be at the gym at some point during that evening.  Please remember that these items are perishable.  If you have to stay at the gym for a period of time, I would recommend bringing a cooler to keep your items cold.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Aramark – Pittsburgh Poison works with Aramark as concessions personnel at PNC Park and Heinz Field.  Aramark pays Pittsburgh Poison directly and it gets applied to your personal fundraising account.  Pirate games typically pay a base rate of $95/volunteer/game, but will pay higher amounts on special game days.  Steeler games pay based on the number of volunteers, with the minimum being $95. Pitt games are also based on the number of volunteers, but have a minimum of $90.  Special events and holidays have different payouts and will be provided with sign-ups.

​In order to work at PNC Park, you need to successfully complete 3 training sessions.  They are RAMP (alcohol awareness), GrandSlam (customer service at PNC) and ServSafe (proper food handling).  GrandSlam and ServSafe must be renewed annually.  RAMP training is good for 2-year periods.

In order to work at Heinz Field, you need to successfully complete 2 training sessions.  They are RAMP (alcohol awareness) and ServSafe (proper food handling).  ServSafe must be renewed annually.  RAMP certification is good for 2-year periods.  

​If you are interested in training, please send an email to Brooke to determine which training sessions are available and will work for you.

​Below is information from 2019-2020 which will be updated with current information once details are finalized by Aramark:

Click here for the Aramark Fundraising Handbook.

​Click here for a description of the Aramark job descriptions.

Upcoming fundraisers:

August - Fill Your Freezer lottery raffle

September - Chestnut Hill candles - Fall (tentative)

October - Sarris Holiday Catalog (tentative)

November - December lottery calendars

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